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149th Mahindra Great Escape held with much enthusiasm in Goa

Goa Great Escape 2018 - Pic 08.JPG

Goa Great Escape 2018 - Pic 09

Goa wrapped in the greenery with gurgling hills and rolling streams, is the most sought after place by adventure and automobile enthusiasts as the picturescure landscapes make for a great adventure and off-road suited geographical conditions. The 149th edition of India’s most popular off-roading adventures the Mahindra Great Escape was held in Rivona Goa which saw more than 150+ participants having their fair share in the slush. The participants hailed from different parts of Goa and also from neighbouring states.

The day began with the flagging off from Club Mahindra hotels at Varca from where the Jeeps proceeded to the off-road track in Rivona. The vehicles encountered the adirous terrain negotiating mud, slush and streams, making things even more challenging was the heavy rains which left the track rain soaked which proved equally challenging for them.

Goa Great Escape 2018 - Pic 07.JPG

The Mahindra Great Escape was first conceptualized in 1996 as a non-competitive, off-road rally meant to encourage Mahindra customers to test the strength and performance of their vehicles on terrain other than tarmac. Over the years, the Great Escape has developed the reputation of being one of India’s most thrilling off-road events with each edition seeing enthusiastic participation from die-hard Mahindra fans and customers alike.

The first season of the Off-Roading Trophy, Mahindra’s all-India off-road championship was held in Goa in 2012. The best off-roaders from around the country fight for top honours and to win a new Mahindra Thar CRDe 4×4.

However despite all the fun and the slush pouring all over the track, the two day event drew to a close and the curtains came down, but the fun was not over just there, as the winners were announced and honoured. The winners for the stock category was  Mr Dattaraj Lawande and Mr Krishna Bhobe. The first runner up was Mr  Tejas Prakash  Shindilkar, while Mr Earl Braganza emerged as the winner in the Modified Category. Ms Maithili Bhobe emerged as the winner in the womens category.

Goa Great Escape 2018 - Pic 02

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