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A visit to Royal Enfield Garage Café in Baga Goa

By Hercules Rodrigues

The Garage Café is a first of its kind concept in India, located along the scenic Baga Anjuna road and is set up on half-acre plot.


Royal Enfield Garage Café

The Ambience around the Garage Café is motorcycle focused with the concept revolving around the Royal Enfield Brand. It depicts the heritage of the motorcycling brand through its unique creations consisting of the museum, 120-seater café, sales and gear store. State of the art service bay and customization area.

The sales and gear store building follow Royal Enfield’s latest design philosophy and displays a range of bikes and accessories which include jackets, shoes, T- shits, appeals, helmets and many more under one roof.

The museum cum art gallery displays the company’s rich heritage of the Royal Enfield brand and the love for motorcycling. Models on display in the museum include the 1939 Flying flea motorcycle, 1965 MK-2 750cc Interceptor and a 1963 Continental GT Café Racer. A state of the art service centre is also present at the rear end of the museum building along with special customization zone for owners and riders to customize their bikes. The 120-seater Café area too is focused on giving its visitors a feeling of belongingness to the motorcycle family.


Customized bikes on display at the Royal Enfield Garage Café

The Garage Café is not just limited to bike enthusiasts, and is open to riders, non-riders, travellers and their families, however if this concept turns out to be a success for Royal Enfield, it might just serve as a future following with the brand opening many more Garage Café’s throughout the states of India.

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