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Eastern bypass at Margao lacks streetlights


At a time when the concerned authorities are spending crores of rupees in developing highway and road releated infrastructure all over Goa. It is shocking to know that the Arlem bypass lies in darkness once the sun goes down.

The Arlem bypass known now as the Eastern bypass was thrown open to vehicular traffic almost 8 years ago. However, ever since it has only been neglected with the authorities turning a blind eye towards its mantainence and installation of streetlights.

A daily commuter on a two wheeler especially most often finds himself in a scary situation as the bypass turns pitch dark post sunset. Neither a single streetlight, nor any other source of light exists thus putting the motorists at risk of being put to face bad consequences. The only real source of light that exists is from oncoming vehicles that drive using the high beam thus causing blindness and even causing accidents.

The eastern bypass connects Arlem and Fatorda to Nuvem where-in many vehicles including heavy vehicles proceeding towards interstate routes use the bypass which has been facing neglect for past many years now. What’s also ironic is that most of the construction waste and mud is dumped under the cover of darkness on either side of the highway further hindering the shoulders of the highway.

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