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Goa Traffic Police go high – tech, launch Laser Speed Radar guns and alcoholmeters

In a bid to curb the alarming rate at which accidents occur due to over speeding of vehicles and vehicles drivern under the influence of alcohol the traffic police have procured 4 brand new Laser Speed Guns and 100 alcoholmeters.


A Traffic Police officer seen checking the speed of vehicles proceeding along St – Cruz  Panjim highway

The Laser Speed guns are tripod mounted and very easy to carry around, so they can be moved from place to place easily. The Traffic Cell have also received 100 new alcoholmeters which will keep a check on drunken driving. If a rider/ driver is found driving well over the speed limit or driving while under the influence of alcohol the driving license of the offender will be impounded and forwarded to the transport department for suspension for minimum three months.

So, the next time you are on a well surfaced road do remember to watch out for the speed limit boards as the Laser Speed Radars and Alcoholmeters could be waiting to issue you a Challan.

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