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Indian Oil100 Octane premium XP petrol launched in Goa

Fuel availability on the daily has always been on the high with fuel dealers situated across Goa, however what’s not quite paid attention too has been availability of high end fuel required for sportscars and sportsbikes.

Heera petrol pump dealers for Indian Oil have launched 100 Octane premium XP high performance fuel in Goa. Although Indian Oil has not cleared out whether the high performance fuel will be available at many of the Indian Oil fuel pumps the company owns across the state. We can confirm the same being available at Heera petrol pump which is located opposite KTCL bus stand Panjim.

The news of the high end fuel availability will be a boom for supercar and superbike owners whose vehicles rely on the high end fuel to move. Goa being home to many supercar and superbike owners will now be able to benefit from the availability of the high end fuel and need not worry about fuelling up their hot rides.

According to a source at the petrol pump, it has been mentioned that the fuel is priced at Rs 160 a litre as of now. We hope more pumps benefit from this new high performance fuel soon.

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