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Kia Motors confirms Seltos name for its new Compact SUV


Pic Source – Joel Stocksdale, autoblog

Kia Motors has announced that its new Compact SUV will formally be known as Seltos. The announcement comes just days after the model was spotted in full public view for the first time. Representing the brave and assertive spirit of Celtos, Kia says the Seltos takes inspiration from the Greek mythology and the legend of ‘Celtos” the son of Hercules.

The Seltos packs in a sophisticated exterior design that’s stays very true to the SP 21 concept. Design details such as the long hood, strong character lines pressed into the bodywork and a rear bumper with a metallic muffler effect lends the compact SUV an air of sportiness. The ‘S’ in the vehicle’s adapted name implies speed and sportiness and has been created for a millennial generation standing apart from its rivals. The Seltos is also expected to combine sophisticated sporty design, space and capabilities of a traditional SUV in a compact package.


The interior is purely aimed at youthful, tech-savvy buyers with a plethora of features on offer, the highlight being the high-tech 10.25 inch touchscreen infortainment system and Sound Mood Lighting. Kia had earlier revealed the interior which sports a neat and premium design with no-unwanted buttons or distractions. Also expected is high quality fit and finish for most of the interiors bits, a little magic trick achieved from the use of premium materials, something Kia is globally known for.

Mechanical details are still under wraps at the moment, but the Seltos is expected to get petrol and diesel engines mated to manual and automatic transmissions. Expected to be revealed later this month, the Kia Seltos will join the crowded Compact SUV segment when it launches by year end. Pricing could stay in the region of Rs 12-16 lakhs.


Pic Source – Joel Stocksdale, autoblog

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