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Maruti Suzuki gears up to unveil Goa’s 1st new True Value showroom

True Value 2020

A dealership is always considered to be one of the major touching points of the customer. However India’s largest automaker Maruti Suzuki taught otherwise and went on to redevelop its second car business dealerships.

The business most commonly regarded as True Value are all set for a total revamp from the grounds up and are a huge leap ahead from the boring, shabby layout current showrooms had.

Being setup at the now abandoned land where the Muktar Automobiles Mahindra sales outlet once existed at Pirni Verna the showroom will be regarded as the state’s first True Value showroom to be set up evoking the new concept. The location is also considered to be that of prime with the Margao Verna highway situated nearby. It will also cater to customers Verna and nearby locations.

True Value 2020

Coming to what is new on the new True Value concept; the new concept will involve a premium high end look to the showrooms with a blue and red theme. The showrooms will also be spacious and strive to offer a hassle free experience to customers.

As the dealership gets ready in final stages, more details will be released and dates on its inauguration should also be announced. Stay tuned.

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