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MG Motors showcases new I-Smart internet solution for Hector


Marquee British Automaker or MG motors as they are best known have showcased a never before seen technology in India. Revolving around i-smart internet solution, the tech will be found in the touchscreen system of the up-coming Hector SUV

The massive and vertically placed touchscreen will be 10.24 inch in size and take care of infortainment and climate control functions. It will also allow the driver to control the entire car system with just a touch or voice command.

Managing and ensuring that the car stays connected at all times is an integrated M2M sim that has been customised and developed by Umlit in partnership with Cisco and Airtel. Both partners have collaborated with their Jasper platform and telecommunication network respectively to stay connected at all times. MG says the connected mobility solution is Internet protocol version 6 (IPV6) and is 5G ready.


The system will work just like a Smartphone allowing seamless connectivity thus enabling users to receive entertainment content, and application updates. Customers will also be able to either update the software immediately or schedule them for later.

Designed by Nuance for MG India with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms, the powerful voice assist will be specially tuned to understand Indian accent and aid in better and faster responses and will get better every day with usage.

Activated by saying ‘Hello MG’, the voice assist allows over 100 commands including opening and closing of windows, sunroof, A/C controls, navigation etc, but will also work under poor connectivity.

Further adding to the customer experience i-smart will also house Tom Tom’s real time navigation. This navigation system would regularly update maps, routes and locations through IQ maps feature. It will also get Pre-loaded Ganna app with Premium account and Accuweather will further help the customers to access music and weather forecasts.


The MG i-Smart app is feature rich like none other in the Indian market. The car gets scanned each time the app is opened. Information includes location of the car, tyre pressure, if the doors are locked or unlocked.

Owners can also use the remote app to directly lock or unlock the doors, turn on ignition and switch on air conditioner. The app further allows owners to schedule a service and keep track of service history.

Customers will also feel protected against advanced threats while enjoying the benefits of technology. MG owners can locate their cars remotely and geo fence it, so the car cannot be taken out of a predefined zone thus enhancing the safety of the passengers.

MG is expected to launch the Hector in the coming months. The hector will rival and give a tough fight to the Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV 5OO and Jeep Compass.


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