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Off topic Goodnight launches its latest innovation – Jumbo Fast Card

There’s no doubt the ongoing pandemic of Covid19 and lockdown imposed has has sniffed a massive blow to the global economy and rendered thousands homeless not to mention arising array of health issues.

As the world deals with it, the sudden surge in malaria and dengue cases has also begun to pose serious threats to an already overburden health of the general public. Godrej has decided to step in has gone ahead and launched what the company calls Jumbo fast card.

Jumbo fast card was the result of discussion themed ‘The fight against mosquito borne diseases and the need for innovation’. It aims at providing an instant relief of upto 4 hours of instant relief. The main idea is to deliver the product to the lower sector of public who can’t really afford expensive mosquitoes nets.

The Jumbo fast card is a spiral shaped paper card, the working is simplified by lighting a single light which is turned on, and the technology activates fast action and instant knock down effect on mosquitoes and leaves a pleasing fragrance that lingers around the room.

India being a diverse country filled with members of the public ranging from the elite rich to the lower poor is filled with a host of adverse health effects. Of this almost 50% mosquito repellents are used in burning formats and 30% are used of unapproved and illegal repellents.

Jumbo fast card is a high quality standard and safe alternatives; it doesn’t depend on electricity making it viable for urban and rural areas. A pack of 10 cards are priced at an attractive price tag of INR 15 which essentially means INR 1.5 per usage.

As India deals with the ongoing pandemic and global economic decline due to lockdown restrictions and curfews, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India; Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR); The Gates Foundation; Home Insect Control Association (HICA) and Godrej Consumer Products launched a fight against mosquitoes borne diseases and the need for innovation.

The panel moderated by wellbeing champion Dr. Marcus Ranney, comprising experts from the Ministry of Health, ICMR, The Gates Foundation, HICA suggested the need for innovation and partnership if India wants to be free of mosquito borne diseases.

The panel highlighted how innovations created in record time played a key role to improve public health. Experts have urged for behavioural and mindset changes amongst citizens. Personal intervention is a must by adopting proper hygiene practices using mosquito repellents at home

and personal repellents when outdoors, bed nets, wearing full-sleeve clothes, and ensuring no water gets collected in and around homes as it becomes mosquito breeding grounds.

Commenting on the innovation, Sunil Kataria, CEO – India, and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “As the leader in the household insecticides category, Goodknight is committed to innovate and provide effective yet safe solutions at very low cost. Jumbo Fast Card is our latest innovation which is the result of our deep understanding of the category and know-how of what the country currently needs. This revolutionary paper-based format will give people dual benefit of instant action and its effect will last upto 4 hours at only INR 15 for 10 cards. This makes Jumbo Fast Card an effective and affordable solution against mosquitoes in the urban and rural landscape.”

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