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TVS launches IQube electric scooter

TVS iQube Electric (6)

After giving us a few glimpses to set our pulse racing on what was coming, TVS has finally launched the IQube electric scooter in the Indian market. Prices for the IQube electric scooter range at Rs 1.15 lakhs (On Road Karnataka).

The IQube is TVS motor company’s first electric scooter launched in the Indian market. It is a green and connected, fun to ride urban scooter powered by an advanced electric drivertrain and next gen TVS Smart XConnect platform.

The scooter follows a very simple path in terms of appearance however the LED lighting used for the headlamp and taillamp along with the LED instrument cluster and an illuminated logo do add some bling to the otherwise plain styling. At the moment only a striking white colour is offered on the scooter.

The instrument cluster is equipoised with TFT display and IQube app both of which bring functions such as Geo-fencing, Remote Battery Charge Status, Navigation Assist, Last park location, Incoming call alerts/SMS alerts among others.

Buyers will also be pleased to know that features such as Q-park assist, multi-select economy and power mode, day and night display, regenerative braking amongst others are part of the scooters standard feature range.

TVS IQube Electric comes with innovative features for delivering unmatched convenience such as Q-park assist, Multi-select economy and power mode, Day and Night display and Regenerative braking and provides a noiseless and comfortable ride.

Powering the scooter is a 44kw electric motor that is tuned to deliver both high power and efficiency. The zero emission scooters can sprint from 0-100kmph in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 78 kmph. It also offers a range of 75kms on a full charge.

Sadly the TVS IQube is not heading just yet to Goa atleast not immediately, however buyers can purchase the scooter only in 10 cities across Bangalore for now. While other states could eventually see a phase wise launch in the future

Buyers can also book theirs through the automakers website or from select dealerships for an amount of Rs INR 5000.

TVS iQube Electric (1)

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