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Boys and Machines is shaping its Pre owned car ownership experience with new initiatives

Pre owned luxury cars and a buyer shares an equal passion for luxury automobiles, however bringing that experience closer and with quality is Boys and Machines who have a presence in various big cities of India. The company recently lend an insight as to how it’s shaping its ownership experience for its customers across the country.

Boys and Machines believe “a company makes or breaks on the basis of the customer centric focus, from restaurants to luxury car shops, service is the key differentiator.”

The pre-owned luxury car market has now been on a boom with sales witnessing an incremental development in the pre-owned luxury car space. New car brands are collectively on a mission to organize the pre-owned car market. Incentives such as high value deals, reasonable pricing, improving the ownership journey of the buyer are on offer all with ensuring high quality of the car.

The pre-owned car business is no longer a game of cat and mouse by means of just selling cars which doesn’t just stop with selling the car. Brands are now offering customer centricity to the value chain.

Growing presence of physical showrooms is strategic in nature; the company has ensured it has established a reliable partnership with luxury OEM service stations or renowned luxury car service stations. This has been done to eliminate the need to establish a trustworthy service partner locally for the customer.

Digitalization and Social media presence have also helped influence the business which helps to reach a larger audience in remote parts of the country. Buyers can directly enquire through a click of a button to view their swanky ride new or upgraded. There’s also a virtual 360 degree tour on the dealer’s website through which customers can get each and every detail of the car listed on the website

Right from the enquiry to sale to the final delivery there is a lot that happens in between. The phase between booking a car and allocated delivery date is the longest time, however stocks are updated constantly as they flow which has been made possible with time saving follow ups and digital paperwork.

Delivery is the final day of which all the hard work of choosing the car, going through the tedious paperwork and Boys and Machines makes it the most exciting part by going the extra mile. An auspicious cake cutting ceremony along with decoration and even exotic performances are some of the extravaganzas to delight the whole experiences to welcome new members to the families.

Further deepening the relationship between the dealer and the customer by offering true value to its customers with attractive buyback deals and complete car protection for the following year. Luxury cars that are up for sale go through a series of quality checks. The checks are ramped up to ensure zero service hassles for atleast one year from delivery.

If anything is to go wrong, specialized service stations are a call away to fix the issue, however the service stations do include pick-up and drop option to optimize the customer experience.

These individual elements clubbed together make a difference in the long term. A customer centric approach, revamping all steps of the buying and selling value chain, and constructing business models that adds incredible value are the ultimate ways to improve ownership experience of pre-owned luxury car buyers” said Mr. _Siddharth Chaturvedi – MD and founder, Boys and Machines

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