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New Mercedes Benz GLC due for launch in autumn 2022

Mercedes Benz has begun work on the new GLC SUV; the model was first launched way back in 2015. However the new version is due for launch by autumn 2022.

Mercedes hasn’t released any details of the new GLC design wise, but a spy image has revealed that the car doesn’t stray away from the original car design. It does however show a new grille, redesigned front and rear bumpers, updated LED headlights and taillights and new alloy wheels.

No such spy image has surfaced about the interior of the new GLC but the automaker has detailing some interesting stuff about the car. The new Mercedes Benz GLC will get a three spoke steering wheel with redesigned control panels and touch controls.

Digitalization will be a key focus in the interior of the new Mercedes GLC with two large 12.3 inch driver display and 11.9 inch instrument cluster on offer as standard. The 12.3 inch instrument cluster will pack in many new features, some of which are listed below

· Seeking inspiration from the S-class and the C-class the second generation MBUX infotainment system has been made intuitive to operate and capable of learning. But the biggest talking point are the functions such as Smart home and music streaming MBUX can be conventionally controlled with adaptive voice assist “Hey Mercedes”.

· A special off road menu and augmented reality with additional indications such as house numbers are virtually superimposed on the video image of the surroundings of the central display & traffic lights are shown.

· A new transparent bonnet as part of the 360 degree camera, which when Off-road drive program is selected shows the real view of the ground under the front end, combined with a virtual representation of the driving lane based on the current steering angle on the central display.

So far the Mercedes Benz GLC can be had in only in petrol and diesel engines. The petrol is a 2.0 litre petrol engine with 190kw and 400Nm torque. The diesel on the other hand is a 2.0 litre diesel with 195kw and 500Nm torque. Both engines get 9G automatic transmission.

Mercedes says all the engines are electrified with 2nd generation starter alternator integrated into the transmission. This is probably the mild hybrid system in conjunction with a 48 volt on board electrical system.

A new plug in hybrid will also be available, it will be able to cover 100kms and even handle off road terrains in electric mode alone. The electric motor alone will be able to produce output of 17kw and 250Nm torque.

Buyers will be able to choose between 2 petrol and 1 diesel engine options. The 4th generation electric motor is integrated into the head of the 9G tronic transmission which has been specially developed for this application. Further into the future the new version of the EQC should follow along with AMG versions of the new GLC as well.

The Mercedes Benz GLC had always come packed with loads of safety tech, the 2022 version however packs in a whole load more safety tech, some of which are listed below

· Assistance – The latest generation assistance system aims to reduce driver workload in day to day situations. The operating principle of the systems is

visualized on the driver display by a new display concept.

· Active Distance assist distronic – Can automatically maintain a present distance from vehicles in front. The newest feature however has been worked upon to respond to stationary vehicles on the road at speeds upto 100km/h from previous 60km/h.

· Active Steering assist – Helps the driver stay in lane at speeds of upto 210 km/h. New features include additional lane detection with 36- degree camera forming an emergency corridor at low speeds, thus significantly improved availability and performance in bends on country roads and improved lane centring on motorways.

· Traffic Sign assist – Detects not only conventional signpost speed limits but also signs on overhead grantires and roadwork’s. A new feature that’s been added includes the guise of warning against driving through stop signs and red lights as well.

· Intelligent parking systems - supports the driver when maneuvering thanks to improved surround sensors. Operating at faster and more intuitive speed thanks to integration into MBUX. The optional rear axle steering with an angle of 4.5 degrees is integrated into the parking assist systems and the calculations of the vehicle trajectory are adjusted accordingly.

Trailer maneuvering assist – in addition to stabilizing the combination when reversing, it can now also carry out freely selectable cornering maneuvers upto 90 degrees for the first time.

Mercedes Benz has further added that it has tested the new GLC across 12 countries such as Germany, in particular also the test site in Immendingen, Austria, Finland, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Dubai, South Africa, USA, Mexico, China, Japan and over 7,000,000 kms.

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