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Rajiv Sethu wins points for Honda Racing India in inaugural race of 20022 ARRC

Showcasing his skills at the Chang International Circuit in Burianm, Rajiv Sethu has won points for the Honda Racing India team in the inaugural race of the 2022 ARRC.

Rajiv Sethu has maintained his steady position till last lap of Asia production 250 classes and scored valuable points in Race 1of the 2022 season of ARRC. Rajiv Sethu deceived sharp and worked his magic on the track, overtaking competitors he quickly combined to the 14th place and continued momentum till penultimate lap.

However he dropped down from 13th place start to the 16th at the end of Lap 3, and a crash between 2 competition riders in the last lap confirmed his 13th place thus bagging valuable 3 points for the team.

Although Rajiv’s teammate Senthil Kumar quickly climbed 2 positions to the 14th in lap 2 from the 16th position start on grid, but unfortunately suffered a crash due to opening the throttle early at turn 12 of lap 4.

Quote of Mr. Prabhu Nagaraj, Senior Vice President – Brand and Communications, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.

“It was a good start for the IDEMITSU Honda Racing India Team after a hiatus of almost 2 years. Stepping on the track after a long break, both Rajiv & Senthil adjusted to the track today. Rajiv finished day 1 well and secured 3 points for the team. He can push to the top bunch if he plays his cards right tomorrow. Being his second year at ARRC, Senthil is still learning. Charged with today’s results and learnings, we are challenging ourselves to better our results even more in tomorrow’s race of 2022 ARRC round 1.”

Quote of IDEMITSU Honda Racing India rider Rajiv Sethu:

“I was both excited and nervous to step on the track for race today. My strategy for today’s race was maintaining the pace till the end and gain points for the team. I am confident that I will benefit from my experience and training added in these 2 years going ahead in the championship. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s race where I am confident of better results”

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