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Automobile enthusiasts gear up for a thrilling remote controlled buggy racing to be held this weeke

Often we come across variety of   car races which involve dirt track and drag races being organised once in a bluemoon, but how often have you come across an event involving racing with remote controlled cars..?

IMARC on its mission to promote RC racing hobby in India will be making a quick pitstop in Goa this weekend. The pitstop will witness India’s best India’s best remote control car drivers battle it out to claim to get their hands into racing the professional RC cars.


Organised by the by radio controlled nitro car racing Goa in association with quark and Indian Model Automobile Racing Club. The remote controlled car race will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of Febuary at BITS Pilani Goa Campus at Birla. On Saturday 2nd Febuary the practice session and qualifying will be held. But on 3rd of Febuary the main race involving semi finals along with the final race will be in position.

We are a group of highly driven RC RACING enthusiasts who race radio-controlled cars. However, this isn’t as simple of a sport as it may seem! This hobby of RC car racing is classified into a host of different categories, from small electric motor powered micro buggies that do around 60 kmph to 8th scale cars powered by 3.5cc Nitro-Methane fuelled IC engines that do over 90 kmph and even bigger ones which run on 2-stroke petrol engines said an official during a discussion with Auto Goa.

However just like all races have rules to participate so does the RC car race. A race driver can only race 1-8 scale nitro buggy having engines upto 4.5cc. Another point to note also is that the buggy must run on nitro methane and have a top speed of over 90kmp/h.

So if buggy car racing is what sets your adrenaline on fire, get set and be there at BITS Pilani Goa Campus this weekend. Stay tuned for more…

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