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Car Glaze Goa’s first professional detailing centre opens in Goa

Hercules Rodrigues

Are you looking at treating your wheels to some detailing and pampering…? well think no more as Car Glaze Goa’s first professional detailing and washing centre has opened in Goa.


Car Glaze Goa

The detailing centre is spread across two shops located in Canca Benaulim and is equipped with trained staff who are highly trained to take care of your vehicles. Car Glaze is the only certified detailer  to use Car Pro which is a Ceramic Quartz protection measured to last for years.

Some of the interesting car care treatments offered are

Interior Cleaning –

Anti-bacterial gives healthy environment inside the car.

Enhances new looks and durability of interiors.


A Car being foam washed

Wash and Wax –

  1. Gives instant Gloss finish on Exterior.

  2. Removes mild contamination on Paint.

  3. Protects from UV.

  4. Paint protection –

  5. Removes oxidation and minor scratches layer from top coast.

  6. Removes paint imperfection and gives Glossy finish.

  7. Protects Exterior plastics from UV.

  8. Enhances engine bay looks.

  1. Extreme protection

  2. Eliminates swirls and light scratches from Car paint.

  3. Gives a new look and ultimate gloss and shine.

  4. Gives logos a new look with Deep cleaning and coating

  5. Removes all imperfections from car paint.

  6. Enhances engine bay looks.

  7. Protects paint for longer time.


A Car after being Ceramic Coated

Apart from these treatments, services such as

  1. Ceramic coating with 5 years warranty.

  2. Leather Coating

  3. Alloys Coating

  4. Fabric Coating

Car Glaze Goa is also the only professional detailing centre in Goa to do a full professional treatment to the Performulux Supercar group who drove down to Goa few weeks back.


Car Glaze is the only certified detailer to use Car Pro

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