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Exclusive: Automotives De Crystal appointed dealer for Kia Motors in Goa


Ever since news spread about Kia setting shop in India, many have asked, speculated and guessed the dealer partner for Kia in Goa. However with final confirmation we have got our hands on the full information.

Automotive De Crystal has been appointed the dealer partners for Kia in Goa. The showroom will be located along the busy Vasco Airport Road in Sancoale at Anand Bose Motopark. We have also got news that the service centre would be located at the same site as the showroom would be located

Since there will be only one dealership in Goa, It will serve cater to entire reach of Goa from its responsible location which is at Sancoale. The dealer we are told will go live in August which is when the automaker will be launching its first model the Seltos SUV on the 22nd of August, while bookings will commence online for an asking price of Rs 25,000 from the 16th of July.

Kia Motors had earlier announced that the brand will have 265 touch points across 160 cities in the country with 70 going live in the first phase, while the second phase would significantly increase the number of dealers present in the county.

Stay tuned for more news of Kia Motors and the Seltos SUV in the coming days.


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