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Exclusive! Goa to get its first CNG Fuel pump soon

Goa will soon experience cleaner environment with the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Pump. The new CNG pump will be the only kind in Goa and is being set up by West Coast Pumps located along the Panjim-Old Goa highway.

Currently work is in progress to install the required equipment and dispenser machines. The CNG gas will be supplied to the pump through tankers from where it will be stored and distributed through dispenser machines similar to how petrol and diesel is supplied.

West Coast fuel pumps will also undertake installing of CNG kits for vehicles that use petrol/diesel as fuel with a focus on delivering greener emissions to the environment.

An official at the Fuel pump said ‘’ Vehicles once converted using the CNG kits will also be able to use petrol along with CNG said an official at the Pump and the cost of CNG will be anywhere between Rs 40 – 50 per kg though the exact cost is still being worked out.’’

While most of the bigger cities and metro cities using CNG as an alternative fuel, Goa is just waking up the idea of using CNG as a bi-fuel in their vehicles with the first pump expected to be commissioned by August 20th.


We spoke to a few everyday car users and dealerships to gauge their views on CNG and here’s what they had to say, Shameer D’Costa a businessman in Margao said ‘’ He would not mind using CNG along with petrol in my car if it increases mileage while Nathan Cota said CNG is a great option as it is cleaner and gives out less pollution.

Further elaborating Anuj Talaulikar Sales Manager of SML Isuzu in Goa said ‘’ SML vehicles are already available with factory fitted CNG kits, and the pump in Goa would be a welcome addition as gives out less pollution as compared to diesel.

What do you think about using CNG as an alternative fuel in your vehicle; let us know in the comments section below.

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