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Goa Miles faces stiff opposition from local taxi operators


Goa Miles, an app based cab aggregator set up through an initiative of the Goa Tourism Department Corporation has been in the news for quite a while now. However off late it has also come under severe criticism from local taxi operators who feel its burdening their business.

Addressing a Press conference in the capital city today, Justin Nunes the spokesperson for Goa Miles said “There are 32,000 registered taxis operating in Goa which earn daily revenue of Rs 700 per day that translates to each taxi operator churning out Rs 6,700 crores per year in cash of which 300 CR of taxation that should be going to the government. However the local taxi operators have never paid any taxes or service tax. Goa Miles on the other hand may have been accused of being transparent, not charging commission and not charging registration fees but has been paying 5% GST to the government thus generating revenue to the government.


Secondly he also added that the number of enquires have gone up considerably since its launch and the CM Shri Pramod Sawant has been very supportive of Goa Miles for its technological app based development happening in Goa. Justin also stated that the local Goan brothers were present to vouch for it.

Further speaking the operations head manager for Goa Miles, Mr Hemant Prabhu Chondanekar said that he came across a video on facebook where in public domain it was stated that the taxi operators should move to Portugal and if such a company isn’t allowed to operate in Goa, should we also be going to Portugal..?

Replying to questions raised by the media, Justin Nunes and Hemant Chondanekar informed that the counter at the Goa Airport is only for assisting the passengers on in using the app and doesn’t book any taxi rides at all.


The Goa Miles taxi drivers work 9-12 hours a shift and ensures that everybody gets an equal opportunity for a ride. The team at Goa Miles also informed that they are trying to induct more taxis under the app so as to cater to the shortage when most of the cabs are occupied with passengers. Every driver is made compulsory to undergo training which is best by industry standards.

In a petition filed by the app based taxi aggregator in the High Court, the authorities have rooted various proposals and sought a committee to be constituted to look into the grievances of all concerned who deal with tourist traffic in the state. It has also been informed that the area of conflict between the Petitioners and Taxi operators is sole responsibility of the state. Thus the state should ensure that law and order is maintained and tourists visiting Goa are not put to harassment by Tour and Taxi operators.

Launched on the 6th of August 2018, the taxi app was launched under Goa Tourism Department Corporation to provide an economical ride to the locals as well as tourists in a bid to save them from the overcharging taxi operators. It now has 1,500 cabs and 2000 drivers under its organisation, but among the anticipation and aggression the ride hasn’t been easy with 16 FIR’s and 8 NC’s of assault have been reported across Goa.

What are your views on Goa Miles taxi app; let us know in the comments section below.

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