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Goa’s first True Value dealership opens its doors


Goa has long been pending a True Value dealership from the Maruti Suzuki stable, However the state’s first has just opened its doors to the consumers admits the COVID19 pandemic scare in the country.

Situated at the Prime location in Verna, Goa’s first ever True Value dealership will attract the eye of many with its bright colour setup consisting of red and blue on its exterior along with a warm white finish on the inside.


A True Value inspected and certified car at the showroom 

Talking about the interiors, the new True Value outlet’s interior has a cleverly designed reception for meet and greet, seating area for discussion and explaining along with a wide accessories display as well. The showroom is also very spacious and strives to offer a hassle free experience to customers.

Each car that arrives at True Value showroom for resale undergoes a 376 checkpoint test that looks into the health of different aspects of the car. Following the check up, the cars are than refurbished at Maruti Suzuki workshops using genuine parts and skilled labour. These cars are than sold through Maruti Suzuki True Value outlets with One -Year Warranty and Three Free Services.


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