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Maruti Suzuki launches ‘Suzuki Connect’ for Nexa Customers

India’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki has launched a new advanced telematics solution. The new system can be accessed via the Nexa app and will be available exclusively to Nexa customers. Built on the pillar of technology, ‘Suzuki Connect’ which utilizes a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) and exchanges information through cellular network with a centralised server connected to NEXA customer care.

‘Suzuki Connect’ can be configured to send information up to 5 selected users in case of an emergency and aims to deliver user convenience and experience through the advanced technology.


The system can also track though progressive features such as –

Emergency Alerts. In an unfortunate case of airbag deployment the Telematics Control Unit (TCU) will automatically detect an emergency situation and sends sms alerts to the user’s family/friends along with GPS coordinates and vehicle details.

Preventive Assistance In case the system detects a malfunction in the vehicle, MSIL Customer Care will proactively contact the customer for any assistance needed for his vehicle.

Vehicle tracking this feature will allow owners to have real time vehicle tracking, location sharing, tow away alert, Geofencing and navigation to parked vehicle.

Driving behaviour analysis will enhance user’s dirving ability by providing analysis on users driving behaviour on economy, comfort and safety aspects along with trip details.

Live Vehicle Status: Users can remotely check their vehicles status like Seat belt, Status of AC, Fuel level and Odometer value.

Convience Alerts: Low fuel alert, over speeding alerts, the alerts can be further configured as per choice of user. System also sends accurate service reminders based on odometer reading.

Introducing `Suzuki Connect’ to the customers, Mr. R S Kalsi, Senior Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki said, “Suzuki Connect is an advanced telematics solution developed and tested in India to offer seamless connected car experience to car owners. A nationwide extensive study was conducted to understand the challenges that Indian car owners face daily and their expectations from these solutions. ‘Suzuki Connect’ empowers customers to manage host of services such as emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driving behaviour analysis, car assistance, and many more functions on their fingertips and create a delightful car ownership experience. Unlike other OBD based telematics solutions available in market, ‘Suzuki Connect’ is a TCU based solution which is better, safer and more user friendly.”

To be sold as an option to Nexa customers at a price of Rs 9,999/- (inclusive of taxes) and a three year subscription will go a long way in improving connected car technology and after sales service experiences.

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