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Maruti Suzuki steals the show with Concept Futuro E


Maruti Suzuki stole the show at the ongoing 2020 Auto Expo in Delhi with the Concept Futuro E. The new concept showcases the automakers design direction in the years to come.

The Concept Futuro E’s hints at a future compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki that could be pitted against the Hyundai Creta. Also worth noting is that the production car could come with electric and combustion or petrol engine as well.

Speaking of the design, it looks nothing like what we have seen at from Maruti Suzuki’s model range until now. The distinctive SUV coupe like stiloute, crisp balanced proportions and large alloy wheels make it stand out from the crowd.

Fresh design details like the angular crossbar LED headlights connected by a unique signatures light bar, layered bumper fins and signature graphic elements make for a delightful visual moment all around the car.


The side profile’s character line creates a visual split in side volume and accentuates the strong fender presence making the overall stance very dynamic. Also the slopping roofline is something unique from the house of Maruti Suzuki. The rear too receives a lightbar that lends a bold coupe stiloute to the Concept Futuro E, while it also gets angular crossbar like treatment for the taillamps.

Maruti Suzuki to showcase Concept FUTURO-e_inside (1)

Said to be inspired by geographic structural forms, the interior has a youthful and dynamic layout with innovation and intelligence at its core. It has flexible swivel travel seats that are designed with the idea of providing unparallel comfort and freedom to engage freely with infortainment features. The blue and ivory colour scheme accentuates the floating concept of the interior.

Though still a concept, the Concept Futuro E provides a fair glimpse of something exciting to come from Maruti Suzuki. However while most concepts will be toned down to a simpler design, the Concept Futuro E could very well retain the sharp proportions and interesting design stance and this where things could get quite interesting.


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