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Porsche Taycan electric sportscar debuts at world premiere


Porsche has finally unveiled its all electric sportscar Taycan at the world premiere that was held in Berlin. Porsche says “The Taycan links its heritage to the future and carries forward its success story of the brand”

First showcased as the Mission E concept, the Taycan will come in two variants – Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S. Not to be confused with regular fuel powered sportscar sporting the Turbo and Turbo S badging, the Taycan are powered by two exceptionally efficient electric machines.

The Taycan having no internal combustion engine looks clean and futuristic, while retaining the sporty nature and unmistakable Porsche design in its DNA. It gets quad LED headlamps, large alloy wheels with large bright yellow brake callipers, large light bar along with sporty front and rear bumpers. It also gets highly sculpted side sections; drawn-in C-pillar at the rear, a silhouette shaped by the sporty roofline sloping downward to the rear and pronounced shoulders of the wings that result in a sharply emphasised rear.


Other innovative elements such as the glass-effect Porsche logo have been cleverly integrated into the light bar at the rear. With a Cd value from 0.22, the aerodynamically optimised basic shape makes a significant contribution to low energy consumption and thus long range.

The interior offers a unique cabin experience with a cockpit that offers the start of a new era with its clear structure and a completely new architecture. Manufactured out of innovative recycled materials, the Taycan offers an entirely leather free interior for the first time which underscores the sustainable concept of the electric sports car.


The free standing curved instrument cluster forms the highest point on the dashboard, while the central 10.9-inch infotainment display and optional passenger display combine to form an integrated glass panel in a black panel look. Porsche has also reduced the number of classic hardware controls such as switches and buttons and instead chosen to use touch operation or voice control functions with the commands set as “Hey Porsche”. The Taycan also comes with two large luggage compartments with the front compartment having a capacity of 81 litres and the rear 366 litres.

Powering the Taycan turbo S and the Turbo are two exceptionally efficient electric motors, one at the front axle and one at the rear, thus making the cars all-wheel drive. Armed to deliver 600bhp and have a driving range of 500kms, the Taycan comes with a two speed transmission mounted on the rear axle and modules the highest power density (kW per litre of package space) of all electric powertrains on the market today. The Taycan’s 800 volt chargers can fast charge its electric motors within 15 minutes thus offering 400kms driving range, while a 0-100kmph figure can be achieved in 3.5 seconds.

The Porsche Taycan is set to debut in the Middle East and Africa FZE region in the first half of 2020, while other markets should follow later.


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