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Renault Triber scores 4 stars in Global NCAP crash test

Global NCAP under its #SafercarsforIndiaCampaign has crash tested the French car makers Triber compact MPV. The Triber scored an overall 4 stars in the crash test rating.

Global NCAP says the Triber was tested for protection offered to adult occupant driver and passenger. The driver chest is said to have marginal protection but the passenger chest showed adequate protection. The driver knees could have impact with dangerous structures placed behind the dashboard because of which it resulted in marginal protection. Passenger knees showed good protection, however driver & passenger tibias showed adequate protection.

Global NCAP has in an email passed over to us after the crash test was conducted said the Triber could score better with a more stable bodysheell. The current bodysheell was rated as not being able to withstand further loadings. Surprisingly the foot well area was rated to be stable.

Secondly the child seat which was installed for a 3 year old was installed in forward facing position with adult seatbelts on, however it was not able to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact and chest protection was average and the head protection was low much due to exposure during the crash.

The 18 month old child restraint was installed with adult seatbelt reward facing offering full protection to the child occupant. However although CRS making was permanent, the recommended CRS did show incompatibility. Another important point of highlight is that the Triber does offer lap belt in the rear seat, but not ISOFIX anchorages

Global NCAP in order to highlight the different levels of protection of vehicles to passengers on rear seats is known to award separate child safety rating to each car. The tests offer a combination of the car and child seat recommended by the manufacturer, because the only safe way for young children to travel is properly restrained in a child seat. The assessment checks how compatible the car is with the child seats recommended by the manufacturer, as well as the protection provided in the crash test.

The #SaferCarsForIndia Campaign was launched by Global NCAP in 2014 with the objective of promoting safer vehicles in the country. Between 2014 and 2020 Global NCAP has completed more than forty-three safety assessments which have acted as an important catalyst in the safety improvement of Indian cars.

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