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Scoop: Karnika Cruises set to begin voyage from 6th November 2020

  1. Highest safety and hygiene practices to be followed

  2. Free rapid COVID 19 and other flu test during embankment

  3. Aims to offer hassle and fear free journey

The Pandemic has without any doubt totally turned upside down for the population living around the world, apart from having months and months of heavy lockdown and having half the world shut business, the seafarers too have been left stranded around different countries in the globe.

After four months of lockdown vacation, the country is now slowly progressing and moving forward with much needed precautions. The biggest announcement of moving forward however comes from Jalesh Cruises who operate Karnika – one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

Keeping up with tough times and the new normal as they say, Jalesh Cruises Karnika has apprised that the company will be following the highest safety, hygiene and security practices.

The shipping company will offer each passenger a free rapid COVID-19 and other flu tests during embankment. The test result will be received in 15 minutes after which if results come negative the passenger can board the ship and enjoy the voyage free of all worries and enjoy the deep blue sea beyond the horizon.


Start planning your much deserved and well earned break on board the MV Karnika beginning November 2020. Jalesh Cruises invites Indians to hop on board its premium cruise Karnika and be refreshed without any worries and fear in discovering the beauty of one’s own country while sailing in the lap of comfort.

This announcement definitely comes as good news to many a tourist who has been turned down in planning their holidays away from home. And not to mention the hundreds of crew who have been jobless and awaiting their chance to return back to work after a long break.


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