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Tata Motors opens new dealership in South Goa

SP Cars Tata Motors Showroom in Nuvem

Tata Motors has long needed a new dealer to handle sales & service operations in the Goan region. Good news is that customers and owners of the cars from the home-grown Tata stable can now have a sigh of relief as SP Cars have taken over South Goa operations.

SP cars have opened the showroom at Nuvem Goa while service and after sales are located at Verna Industrial estate next to Renault/Skoda. SP cars however are present only in South Goa for now and North Goa customers would still have to turn to Durga Motors Porvorim or travel the extra distance to the South.

SP Cars Tata Motors Showroom in Nuvem

Anyways this does serve as a sign of relief with the opening of the new dealer, SP cars Tata Motors will however have to cater to a whole area of customer base in South Goa. SP Tata cars also currently caters to the personal cars division and not to commercial and it would be great to see the company expanding to atleast the after sales & service division in a bid to provide relief to thousand of commercial vehicle customer needs.

Currently Tata Motors has a wide range that includes the Tiago, Tigor, Tigor EV, Altroz, Nexon. Nexon EV, Harrier and Safari. Speaking about the future the Tata HBX super compact SUV is expected to join the line-up along with the Altroz EV.

SP Cars Tata Motors workshop in Verna Industrial Estate

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