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Tata Motors to showcase its Indigenously Build Combat Vehicles at the BIMSTEC Nations Summit 2018

Tata Motors has announced that it will be showcasing two indigenously built flagship combat vehicles at the BIMSTEC Nations Summit 2018. The two vehicles that will be displayed include the 4×4 Mine Protected Vehicle and the WhAP8x8 ICV (CO developed with the DRDO; both vehicles demonstrate Tata’s expertise in the combat range and its commitment to the Make in India for Defence policy of the Government of India.

4X4 Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV)

Tata Motors has also signed a supply contract to deliver major military vehicles including the Mine protected vehicles for UNIFIL, MONUSCO and MALI Missions, The company will be delivering the Tata 2.5T GS LPTA 715 4×4 to Myanmar and Thailand, Tata G5 GS LPTA 1628 4×4 to Nepal, Tata Xenon GS 800 to Myanmar and Mission specific logistic vehicles for UN Peacekeeping missions sent by these nations.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Vernon Noronha, Vice President, Defence & Government Business, Tata Motors Limited said, “Our defence mobility portfolio has grown from strength to strength, offering a range of combat, armored, combat support & logistics vehicles that have been popular in supporting the military, paramilitary & police forces in their multifarious operations. Our International customers are aware that Tata military vehicles in use by the Indian Armed Forces are inducted by them, only after grueling pre-purchase testing (spread over years in different terrain and climate conditions) to exacting military standards. This also helps Tata Motors build confidence with foreign militaries on durability and maintainability aspects.”

“Our products on display – Tata 4X4 Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) and the WhAP 8×8 Infantry Combat Vehicle is a validation of our truly indigenous expertise to offer mobility solutions for counter insurgency and combat operations of Security forces in India and abroad”, he further added.

WhAP8x8 (Wheeled Armoured Amphibious Platform) - India’s First Infantry Combat Vehicle.jpg

The flagship product of the defence range, the WhAP8x8 is built on the Armored Amphibious Platform and is India’s first Infantry Combat Vehicle. The vehicle has been designed for optimized survivability, all terrain performance and increased lethality. The fully loaded vehicle boasts of high security safety features such as Blast, Ballistic and NBC Protection.

The Mine Protected Vehicle with 4×4 Configuration, is developed to serve in multiple types of vehicles such as a mine-proof troop transport vehicle, escort protection vehicle and law enforcement special response vehicle used to counter insurgency. The vehicles come with high ground clearance for enhanced cross country mobility and high power to weight ratio that gives better acceleration and maximum speed for quicker responses during an emergency situation.


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