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Tata Tigor EV, test drive review


Although the Tata Tigor Electric has been in the market for a year now, the car has not yet been made accessible to the public, however we recently managed to sample one at a dealership in Goa and here’s our review of it.

The Tigor EV doesn’t really get any design changes over to the standard car save for EV badges on the front grille and bootlid along with EV graphics The cabin also is also carried over from the standard Tigor and gets the same black colour scheme dashboard and rest of the cabin. Based on the mid spec XM trim, the Tigor EV gets automatic climate control, an integrated music system with USB and Aux-in ports, four power windows, manual adjust for the outside rear view mirror and full wheel covers. The car also gets a 419 litre boot capacity but half of it is occupied by the presence of the spare tyre.


Where most Electric cars have an unconventional approach to the way they drive in real life, the Tigor EV works just like the standard car save for a few differences. Starting the car requires you to turn the key just like the standard car but there’s no engine that wakes up to life and since the similarities to the standard combustion powered car end. In place of combustion motor is a 216ah 72 volt induction motor which produces 30 Kw of power @ 4500rpm and 105kw of power 2500rpm and comes with a single speed automatic transmission only and does 0-100kmph in 11 seconds.


Shift the automatic gearbox into Drive mode and the car gets going in a linear manner, while most would feel that the electric car is good for only city speeds, to our surprise we also found flat out acceleration to be healthy enough for a quick overtake or should you feel the need to cruise at higher speed. However, where the car could improve upon is at climbing steep inclines where it required a little more pressure on the accelerator pedal to get going. The brakes could also use a punchier bite as it felt a little nervous at times.


Nevertheless where Tata Motors has really done a good job is in retaining the silky light steering from the standard Tigor. Whether you’re driving along crowded city roads or out on the highway, the steering feels light and nimble to use. The homegrown automaker has also engineered a powerful A/C into the Tigor EV, which was also evident during our drive where the cabin was cooled immediately despite the soaring heat.


The Tata Tigor Electric brings Tata Motors one step closer to shaping a greener future, it feels just like a standard car, has a spacious interior and gets the same smart looks as well. However, the car does come with, own share on cons, and is not all that perfect and the range of 150kms is not that promising when you’re out on the highway for a long drive. But think of the Tigor EV as a city car and it does absolute sense. For starters there no tailpipe emissions so the air is greener, the steering is nimble and light to use and this along with the compact dimensions the Tigor is known for makes it a winner for a winning deal.

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