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Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain, new night diversion announced for Zuari bridge work


The fast progressing work of the new Zuari bridge has been in the news on and off for various reasons and examples. Amongst the arising issues construction related, accidental related and workers transportation related matters.

The most heavily debated topics were the closure of the stretch of the highway from Cortalim circle to Keserval junction. The need for the closure was felt after the installation of deck slabs along with side wings began from Keserval slope to Cortalim junction was started.

Citing the dangers that could arise if traffic was allowed to ply during installation several eyebrows were raised by Dillip Buildcon the contractor engaged in building the bridge and approach roads for the new Zuari Bridge and the public at large including the daily travellers and local residents.


The Installation of deck wings is proving to be dangerous to have vehicles moving from below

Several attempts to solve the issue pertaining to the closure of the road including building a service road alongside the Konkan railway track and total shut down of the highway for a period of a few months also did not show any progress and instead gauged angry reactions from several travellers and residents from the area.

An easy solution with an easy form of travel, the concerned authorities have now issued a notification indicating closure of the road from Keserval junction to Cortalim circle will be shut from the 24th of June to the 15th October during 11pm to 7am.

During this period vehicles proceeding to and from Panjim will have to take a diversion at either Keserval or Cortalim junction to proceed towards Airport, Chicalim junction for onward journey. The diversion will not affect fire and emergency vehicles as they will be considered as special case.

What do you think of the new diversion of the new Zuari Bridge; let us know in the comments section below.

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