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Tourist couple enjoys late night drive in a unusual manner and throwing caution to the wind


A new video of a tourist couple enjoying a late night drive in a very usual manner in Goa has been doing rounds on the internet. The video also highlights the lack of civic sense from the tourists and blind eye turned by authorities on such risky cases.

The video shows the couple enjoying a late night drive, where-in the women is seen sitting fancily on the bonnet of a moving car and taking a selfie, while the guy appears to be driving the car sitting in his driver seat.

The black and yellow number plate indicates that the car has been rented from a car rental firm. However such acts can be dangerous and risky not just for the person sitting on the bonnet of the car but also for other motorists in an event of an accident.

Also the bonnets of most cars are not really considered to be the strongest in terms of build and could get damaged, In this case being the 3rd generation Maruti Swift car. This could in turn damage the engine of the car or expose the women to the engine thus causing injuries.


The car involved in the incident

While we have seen many forms of dangerous and risky driving by various people, many a times, especially tourists who are least bothered about following traffic rules and regulations. This new form of unusual late night drive definitely seems to have set the internet on fire. Nevertheless we do hope this incident has caught the attention of the law enforcement authorities and the transport department as well.

What are your opinions about such acts, have you also been victims to seeing such dramatic incidents unfold before your eyes on the road? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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