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Toyota Glanza hatchback teased ahead of 6th June launch


Toyota has released a new teaser of its upcoming hatchback christened Glanza. The new model is set to debut on the 6th of June 2019 which is also when prices will be announced.

Revealed in  sheet metal for the first time, the Toyota Glanza is the  basically a rebadged Maruti Suzuki Baleno that will be sold under its newly constructed partnership to share cars between both brands. However as evident from the image, the Glanza will sport the same design cues as the Maruti Suzuki Baleno and is unlikely to receive any major design changes. The only differences visible on the Glanza could come from a possible different front grille  and Toyota logos.

The cabin and interior as well will be shared with the Baleno save for Toyota logo on the steering wheel and possibly a different coloured dashboard. The feature list is also more likely to be the same with reverse parking camera, LED daytime running lights and touchscreen infortainment system along with Android auto and Apple CarPlay.

Under the hood, the Glanza is expected to get the same engines as the model it is based on, however what’s unclear is whether the newly launched Dualjet or the standard 1.2 litre petrol will power the car.

Expect Toyota to release more details of the Glanza hatchback in the coming days, stay tuned.

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