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Traffic signals at Panjim inaugurated

We had exclusively brought you readers the news of Panjim city coming under the rule of traffic signals at several major junctions back in December 2020. A month into the new year 2021, the traffic signals have been inaugurated and begun functioning.

The traffic signals were inaugurated by Mauvin Gudhino (Minister for transport) and Mr Uday Madaikar (CCP Mayor) among other respected dignitaries present on the occasion.

As reported earlier, the traffic signals have been installed at major junctions including the Ferry point Panjim, Kala Academy junction and St Inez junction. However there is no clarity on whether the signal at Goa University zebra crossing is also commissioned or not.

The newly commissioned traffic signals have brought a sigh of relief to the cops and authorities responsible for managing the traffic at the mentioned points on a daily basis. Commuters and motorists have also felt a sigh of relief with the traffic being streamlined in the city.

However it has been observed that some motorists dangerously break the signal by crossing at red and yellow colour signals thus increasing the risk of accident.

Three zones in the capital city Panjim, two major junctions and one zebra will soon be manned and regulated by traffic signals. The junctions include

  1. Ferry point Panjim – Known as the one of the busiest intersections in Panjim, it witnesses traffic of all kinds, vehicular movement, pedestrian movement and so on, however often the junction witnesses many traffic jams or snarls. A point to also note here is huge pedestrian influx that rushes for the city busses as soon as the betim – Panjim ferry hits the ramp.

  2. Kala Academy Panjim – Home to one of Goa’s most popular art theatres in the world. Kala Academy junction also has an overloaded traffic movement on a daily basis with vehicles traversing their way towards St Inez, Althino and so on.

ST Inez junction – A place that needs no introduction to traffic signals, once launched some years back the signals have been out of order for a long time now, however the new signals have been a welcoming change at the busy intersection.

Goa University zebra crossing –  A crossing like no other, witnesses students, teachers, facility staff  rushing from one side to the other at the Dona Paula – Bambolim highway separated Goa University.

The installation of traffic signals however could change fortunes and instruct some abidance in the overspending vehicular movement that occurs on the daily basis. However as we said earlier in this article there is no clarity on whether the signal at Goa University zebra crossing is also commissioned or not.

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