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Traffic signals to take duty of managing traffic at Colva Margao junction

By Hercules Rodrigues

Confusion and traffic chaos prevails at almost each and every junction in Goa. The rapid increase in vehicles leads to long traffic jams as commuters try to reach their destinations at the earliest. Most busy junctions are managed by cops who are posted during peak hours only. The rest of the day the people are at the mercy of the traffic and risk of being hit by high speed traffic movement.

This has been the fate of the Colva Margao junction. The junction has seen a massive rise in traffic jams and accidents as thousands of vehicles proceed towards their destinations. The junction has roads leading to Margao City, Fatorda, Colva and Kadamba Transport Bus Stand. With the round about and cops proving in efficient to man the four junctions of the highway, traffic signals have been installed to bring in discipline and order in the traffic movement.

The good news however is the traffic signals have already been set up and synchronising of the signal timing based on vehicle count will be done soon and the signals would come to life soon. We hope the signals are inaugurated soon and traffic comes in order to bring in discipline at the Colva Margao junction soon.


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